I Am Called

By our Baptism, we know that God has called us each by name. We are part of the family of God and we each are called to a purpose outside ourselves. But do we hear God’s call? Do we have the courage to follow that call?

Through Doug and Dave’s unique blend of humor, inspirational catechesis, Holy-Spirit-driven music, stories and prayer, this special presentation empowers audiences to be open to God’s call in all of our lives. Audiences have marveled how this presentation draws them closer to Christ in a 90-minute, retreat-like program. Great for all ages, especially high schoolers through senior citizens.

The rich lyrics of Doug and Dave’s “I am Called” anthem are taken to heart as audiences realize that we are all called to be Christ for the world. The lyrics are creatively inter-woven throughout the presentation and ring to the heart and soul: “I am called to follow His will every day of my life… with Jesus as my guide, showing me the way, I am made for more, I am called today!”

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box evening that is much more than just another church talk, this is it! Empowering discipleship, evangelization, and catechesis, it’s all included and blended into one spiritually enriching event.

For further information and to get your parish on the schedule, please contact info@douganddaveshow.com, or call 303-810-8798.